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My job in London
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What can we do for you?

We can help you find:

  • A permanent full time job in London
  • A full time or part time job for 2 -12 months in London
  • An unpaid internship for work experience lasting 2 - 6 months

We give you a fast track into over 40 London based companies and institutions looking for employees on short and long term contracts. We have a relationship with these companies and institutions. We know they will treat you well.

We can also help you improve your English or professional communication skills.

We specialise in working out with you what kind of job will suit you best. It is important for us that your time in London is a success so we invest a lot of time in finding the right match for you.

We are a reference point for you when you are in London

It is sometimes important to have someone to turn to and just ask a simple question. We know what it is like, we have lived in a foreign city many times and those first few weeks and months are often full of surprises.

That's why we offer the people we place the opportunity to ask us about anything from "Do I need to register with the police?" to "How do I get a National Insurance Number?" to "How can I get the hot water in my flat working again?"